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What is a Digital Transformation?

At Dynamix we think of a digital transformation as a move that puts technology at the heart of your business, empowering you to build better relationships with Customers, Suppliers, Employees & Partners.

“Dynamix helped drive a 5x growth in our waste brokering business…”

“We were struggling to broker 60/80 loads of recyclable waste each month, using our old Excel based system. Since implementing Dynamics 365 we are now moving almost 500 loads a months to more locations than ever before & have grown our team from 5 to 15. This is better for us as a business and better for the environment.”

Duncan Oakes Director - Clearpoint Recycling Ltd


The Dynamix "From Ground to Cloud" eBook
We aim to prove that not only is CRM and The Cloud the best solution for your business, whether you’re looking for an implementation partner, or looking to complete the work yourselves.
Discover digital transformation Suitable for all businesses
Digital Transformation Consultation
£ 499
We’ll come to your business, do our unique analysis of your existing systems & infrastructure to help start your journey to the cloud. Larger organisations, please contact us for more details.
Suitable for businesses up to 25 users Suitable for businesses with a single site
Dynamix Virtual IT Management Service
£ 979 per month
With this service, Dynamix will become the managers of your organisation’s IT systems. Using Dyanmix in this capacity ensures that your cloud implementation is a success, with ongoing maintenance handled.
Suitable for businesses up to 25 users Suitable for businesses with a single site

We’re Dynamix to the core

Dynamix Consulting Ltd has Dynamics 365 in it’s DNA and we’ve built the company on the strength of Microsoft market leading platform.


Our job is to make your IT so easy and cost effective you don’t need to think about it. Dynamix does all the hard work behind the scenes to make sure every part of your business communicates with every other part. By the time we’ve finished, your systems will be integrated so seamlessly that you won’t even notice them, you’ll just come to expect the information you need to be there and wonder how you managed before.

What’s in our toolbox?

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is the core of your digital transformation

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Office 365

Cloud based Microsoft Office on your terms

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SharePoint Online

Share content and empower teamwork

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Power BI

Use your data to optimise your business

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Download our FREE e-book – “From Ground to Cloud