About Us

Our software is in the cloud, but our heads aren’t!

At Dynamix we take a practical, pragmatic approach to making your business easier to run. We know that you simply need to get the job done, and that to do that you need operational systems that integrate seamlessly.

We design bespoke business systems, using Microsoft’s 365 platforms, that meet the needs of your organisation – making sure that every member of your team has the information they need immediately to hand every time they need it.

Our job is to design systems so straightforward that you won’t need to think about it

Dynamix does all the hard work behind the scenes to make sure every part of your business communicates effortlessly. Whether it’s infrastructure, CRM or that all important move to the cloud, by the time we’ve finished you won’t even notice that they are there. You will come to expect the information you need to be there and wonder how you managed back when you had to managing documents, creating spreadsheets & searching different databases to make all the connections by hand.

We built our company on the strength of Microsoft’s market leading platform

Dynamix is committed to the highest standards. That’s why we choose to work with Microsoft & their Dynamics 365 platform– we studied, researched & demoed all the products available and firmly believe that we’ve found the best. That determination to provide you with the greatest also applies to our service. We’re here for you whenever you need us, making sure you are always fully up to date and working perfectly.

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