SharePoint Online

More than Documents

SharePoint is more than just your document storage facility. SharePoint online is Microsoft intelligent intranet solution that offers your company a flexible, uniform and simple to use platform to share content and empower teamwork across your organisation.

Simple Sharing & Seamless Collaboration

SharePoint Online allows you to create personalised intranet resources to share Documents & files, knowledge & data across your organisation and with external partners across all your devices, PC, Mac & Mobile.

Intranets in The Cloud

Hosting in the Microsoft cloud gives you the assurance that your intranet will scale with you. Giving you the freedom to create solutions that manage the needs of your business, safe in the knowledge that you are leveraging the power of the cloud.

Data Security

Data security is at the heart of SharePoint Online. The same hierarchical approach to data security that secures your company data on your internal IT infrastructure secures your data in the cloud and unlike competitor’s services your data is not available for mining and harvesting for the benefit of the service provider. Your data is yours and nobody else has access to it.